Client Benefits

handl Consulting provides deep market and customer insights to high-tech leaders so that clients can take confident actions that quickly work to strengthen market position and build revenue.


With handl Consulting, you’ll have a strategic advantage at every stage of your offering lifecycle:


Solid Foundation for Strategic Initiatives when Planning Your Offering

  • Market clarity and competitive insight
  • Research-driven strategic direction for your technology initiatives
  • Concept testing against your target demographic
  • Smart and effective messaging & positioning for your offering


Targeted Insights during Product, Solution, and Services Development

  • A deep understanding of the specific needs of your target market
  • Concrete recommendations from usability and beta testing research
  • Actionable takeaways based on customer feedback


Ability to Achieve Pre-launch Acceleration

  • Crystal clear market requirements
  • Social media landscaping of the market and competition
  • Positioning strategies for achieving maximum success
  • Faster time-to-market on your launches


Smart Post-launch Feedback and Materials 

  • Sales process acceleration
  • Research-driven marketing materials
  • ROI and TCO model development
  • Social Media conversation monitoring
  • Sales effectiveness research