Market Research

With deep expertise in high-tech marketing, we’ll speak articulately to your customers and other stakeholders and provide actionable insights on the best ways to move forward and strengthen your offering.

Voice of the Customer

By talking (and listening) to your customers and prospects, we can offer you their invaluable viewpoint on your offerings and your messaging at any stage in the lifecycle. With a deep understanding of customer opinions in mind, you can make the best decisions about introducing new solutions or making changes to your offerings.


Concept Testing

Through interviews, focus groups, or surveys, evaluate customer response to your offering idea prior to the development. Gain upfront insight into how your market will respond to help you maximize the success of the offerings you bring to market.


Message Testing

Evaluate message effectiveness, resonance, and verbiage among your target audiences to cultivate, prioritize, and deliver the most impactful messages to the right audiences.


Beta Testing Research

Conduct market research on the beta version of your product with a smaller segment of your customer base before expanding your product release to a larger audience. Gain insights into product usage and key features to help shape your messaging and positioning for launch.


Usability Testing

Measure the usability of your product or service to help fine-tune features and flow for your next generation.


Voice of the Stakeholder

We provide targeted research for any key stakeholders whose voices you want counted as you develop your marketing and product strategies. As your Sales team is largely responsible for the success of your products we also have special offerings focused on capturing the Voice of Sales to help maximize marketing positioning and sales success:

Sales Best Practices Research

Arm your salesforce with the best practices from your top sellers. We’ll evaluate the strategies and tactics of your most productive team members and provide a set of best practices to share with the larger salesforce. These findings improve the knowledge, messages, skills, and strategies the salesforce applies as they pursue opportunities. 


Win/Loss Analysis

Evaluate won and lost sales opportunities to shape training methods, supporting documents, and Sales approach through interviews with Sales and with customers and prospects. Incorporate these findings into your marketing strategies to support Sales and build market share.