Market Savvy Materials

Extensive research enables us to develop high-quality positioning, Marketing and Sales tools. Inspired by market insight and driven by customer needs, these materials add immeasurable value to your offering’s success in the high-tech industry. 

Positioning Development

Research findings on customer needs and responses to messaging statements often suggest beneficial shifts in the overall positioning of offerings. We’ll help you create or update the positioning for your product, service, or solution, based on your market’s feedback.

Marketing and Sales Tools

Research-driven Sales Tools will help you quickly translate customer and market insights into tangible materials that will speak to your customers and prospects about what matters to most to them.


White Papers

Establish thought leadership and generate leads by providing well-written and thoroughly researched white papers to your target audience.


Case Study Interviews & Development

After interviewing key customers about their success with your product or service, we develop case studies that build an understanding of your offerings and real confidence with prospects of your ability to meet their challenges.


Value Based Tools - ROI & TCO Studies

Building on interviews and other research, we’ll develop tools that will enable you to demonstrate the financial value proposition of your offering in clear, economic terms. 


Competitive Sales Tools

Competitive research findings only fuel success when they translate into actionable insights and strategies for Marketing and Sales. We’ll deliver competitive profiles, strategies, and customer-facing comparison documents that are easy for Sales to use and simple for your prospects to understand.