Social Media Analytics

Customers are using the Internet to discuss your offering, but are you listening to and monitoring what’s being said? Our goal is to help clients gain a 360° perspective of their brand in the social media world – to better understand and effectively taking control of the online playing field to maximize success. 

Social Landscape Profiling

Client-specific identification and profiling of the global conversation landscape to enhance understanding of the perception of client offerings, the competitive playing field, and the overall marketplace. By identifying thought leaders in your industry, assessing the perception of your brand online, and gaining clarity on volume and themes of conversations in the social realm related to your market, you will be able to gain deep insights through this medium and to maximize success.

Social Media Monitoring

Staying current in relevant social media requires ongoing monitoring of your brand, your competition, and your market. On an ongoing basis, we’ll chart how conversations evolve in response to your participation and programs, as well as general market trends. By keeping on top of the changing tone, themes, volume, and sources of conversations, you’ll have a proactive role in the evolution of your brand.